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An employee induction is an online training program for new employees. It helps them to get familiar with the company's systems and culture. It helps in building a strong foundation for a company by offering the best practices, industry standards, process and various other information which help in achieving their goals. Helping you create your employee induction program is our top priority. We know inductions can be tricky, so we have made it easy for you with a no-hassle way to create and host your own induction program. You get to control the entire process - from designing the experience of your choice to delivery, managing the schedule and much more. As a business owner, you want to provide the best induction for your new hires. Induct Online provides you with the tools and resources to create a customized employee induction program that is both engaging and informative for employees. Get your onboarding automated today so your employees can enjoy a smoother start within your company.

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